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Welcome to Mrs. CEO Blog

Welcome to Mrs. CEO Blog

Welcome to Mrs. CEO blog. A blog focused on helping women-owned businesses reach their maximum growth potential! This is the blog’s first post and I am filled with excitement and enthusiasm.  I started this blog to share my business knowledge and experience gained from several years as an entrepreneur.  You can be told but so many times, “you should start a business blog” before you actually come up with the brilliant idea that, “maybe I should start a business blog.”

What To Expect

There is no shortage of business blogs on the internet about women-owned businesses, so it took me a while to figure out exactly what I would write about in order to be different, add value and simply not take up space on the internet.  Then it hit me.  After running an online ecommerce site for many years, I am the poster child for what NOT TO DO to have a successful business despite one’s failures.  So, valuable lessons learned and the actions required to course correct in order to move forward are the lessons I will share on this blog. Success only comes from the lessons learned by falling flat on your face, getting up and trying a different approach.  In order to add value to my readers, there are a few guiding principles I want to ensure are always present on this blog.  They are as follows:

  • To Take Action – I want to provide information that is not only informative but actionable as well. I love listening to podcasts and attending webinars.  However, it was often unclear exactly what my next 2 to 3 action steps were.  So as often as possible, I will include actionable items that will allow you to take action. This may be a downloadable worksheet, a template or some other tool to help move the business forward.
  • To Inspire and Empower – I want you to be inspired to feel capable of achieving success, whatever you determine success to be.  Empowered with the knowledge you are not alone in pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams.
  • To Embrace Failure – There can be no success without failure. The lessons learned from failure can be an entrepreneur’s greatest tool.  To be a successful entrepreneur takes heart, an unshakeable belief in yourself and the strength of character to pursue a dream that sometimes only you are capable of seeing. Failure is the pathway to success. Embrace it.

I hope you find value in the lessons I will share on the blog and share them with others for their benefit as well.  We owe it to ourselves and each other to support women-owned businesses.