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LeadPages. Great Product, Better Company

LeadPages. Great Product, Better Company

We all have our favorite brands for one reason or another and LeadPages is one of my faves. It allows you to easily create a variety of landing pages to help build your email list without any coding. However, its not very often that you have the opportunity to meet the owners of your favorite brand and make a connection between the product and the people behind it. I recently had that chance. I attended the LeadPages inaugural conference, Converted15, in Minneapolis, MN, this past week and it was awesome.  I have always had a very positive opinion of LeadPages – it’s a great product, customer support rocks and I always learn something new on the weekly office hours call for customers.  But after meeting Clay Collins and his team, I left the conference totally drinking the LeadPages Kool-Aid.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. If you talk about what you believe, you will attract those who believe what you believe.”  Simon Sinek Ted Talk

LeadPages Is Such A Happy Place

I was so impressed by LeadPages Co-founder, Tracy Simmons.  She is the architect behind the LeadPages culture that is so infectious and filled with happy satisfied employees gushing with Leadster pride.  She believes in an environment that allows employees to grow, express their ideas and make mistakes without the typical company bureaucracy, finger pointing and covering your ass mentality.  She admits making mistakes on a daily basis and holding herself accountable.  And she affords her team the same flexibility.  At first it’s a little unbelievable that employees could really be that happy.  I mean, poll after poll state that over 70% of employees hate their job!  But over the course of my two days at the conference meeting different Leadsters, LeadPage employees as they are affectionately referred to, I was sold. Everyone was so cool, down to earth and willing to share.  I had bought in to the Why. I crossed the chasm to loyal raving customer.  LeadPages is a great product, but a much better company.


Chris Davis, Head of Marketing Automation

Jeff Wenberg, Head Product Educator

Jeff Wenberg, Head Product Educa


Customer’s Conversion Journey

The conference speakers consisted of the top leaders in the online business space such as Pat Flynn, Mari Smith, Ezra Firestone, Ryan Holiday, Dan Martell and more.  The conference focused on the conversion process.  Speakers took turns walking through the different phases of the conversion cycle starting at the point when someone lands on your website or landing page, becomes a lead, turns into a new customer and ultimately, a happy repeat customer. Overall, it was a really well organized, informative inaugural conference.  I look forward to attending next year’s conference.  In the meantime, if you want to learn more about LeadPages, click here to check it out.


Mari Smith, Queen of Facebook

Mari Smith, Queen of Facebook

Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income and friend in my head

Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income


Enhancements and All New Conversion Tools

If you are familiar with LeadPages then you know how awesome a tool it is. You can literally have a landing page up and running in under 10 minutes.  But with every tool, there are a few things you wish you could change.  Number one on my wish list is the ability to add additional components to the 80+ pre-designed templates.  LeadPage templates are not truly “customizable” in the sense that you can add elements and reconfigure the layouts. This is done purposely because the template layouts have been tried and tested for the best conversion.  However, sometimes I just need to add an additional text box or insert a video instead of a picture box.  You can remove or hide elements in the templates, but you can not add to them. My landing page prayers were answered!  Clay Collins, LeadPages CEO, announced that in December they are releasing a brand new dashboard with cool features that will allow customization, the ability to add different elements and all sorts of really cool integrations. Thank You!!! In addition, they announced two really cool conversion tools that are now available for free

  • Landing Page Grader – This brand new conversion tool will tell you if your landing pages are designed to convert by literally grading your page’s effectiveness.  Simply drop any landing page URL into the landing page grader, and this new tool will instantly tell you if your page is optimized for the best landing page practices. That includes evaluating your page’s mobile responsiveness, SEO, lead capture forms, and even common mistakes.
  • Rapidology™  – is a new WordPress plugin. It’s 100% free, and it allows you to create gorgeous email opt-in forms, popups, and widget, with no design or coding skills required.

Well, that’s a wrap.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think. If you don’t have LeadPages, click here to learn more.

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