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I Can Do This

I remember the first dollar I ever made online. I created an ecommerce store selling Purse Hangers using a Yahoo shopping cart back in April 2006. I will never forget that first chirp. When an order came in, you were notified via email with the sound of a high pitched bird chirp and an email that read “You Have An Order!”

OMG. It worked!!! I was so excited! Granted it was only a $20 item and after expenses netted me $8 in my pocket, I was rich. I cracked the code!

I could not believe that someone purchased something that I put together…by myself online…with no guidance…just passion and determination. It was the best feeling in the whole world.

My “Why”

I was taught there is always more than one way to skin a cat; No, just means not now; and it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.  That resourcefulness and curiosity allowed me to graduate from college, earn my MBA and work for some of the most recognized Fortune 50 companies in the world honing my skills in Marketing and Sales. I traveled the world and worked with some pretty amazing people. Pretty good for a girl from The Bronx.


But it was that first $8 that I earned from my online store that made me realize I could take all that I have learned and teach my friends back home, who were not as fortunate to share my experiences, how to earn extra income online. Extra money to pay for childcare. Extra money to buy a car for work. Extra money to leave potentially dangerous situations.


Today my Why also includes my wonderful husband

of 16 years and 3 of the most amazing kids ever.

When Women Help and Support One Another, Incredible Things Happen

At my core, I love to teach, share knowledge and see women succeed.  Everything is a teaching moment for me.  So l created Mrs. CEO as a way for me to share my experiences with other women entrepreneurs and provide a forum for us to discuss what is working (and more importantly not working) in our businesses.


I also get to show my two little girls that together anything is possible.



Emily 🙂